EPFL Applied Topology Seminar 2018/19

Please see the schedule below for the time and place of each talk.

Some seminars will take place on the Lausanne campus and others at Campus Biotech.


Date and place Title Speaker
B1.05_Videoconference room
Campus Biotech
Rips magnitude Dejan Govc


Govc: Magnitude is a numerical invariant of metric spaces (and
more generally, enriched categories) introduced by Tom Leinster which
has been shown to arise as the graded Euler characteristic of a
certain homology theory. Richard Hepworth has recently suggested to
examine an analogous invariant for persistent homology, called Rips
magnitude, which arises as a graded Euler characteristic of persistent
homology. In the talk I will describe some of its basic properties and
examine its asymptotic behaviour in the case of finite subsets of the
circle. This is joint work with Richard Hepworth.